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Couples Counseling

We help couples rediscover your interest in each other so you can live a joyful life that you enjoy sharing with your partner.


Here is an overview of what we'll do in couples counseling: 

    • You will describe your relationship – what it was, what it is, and what you want it to be. 
    • We will assess how the choices you have made, and are making, are impacting your relationship and life.
    • We will set realistic goals for you and your relationship to move toward what you want your relationship and life to be.
    • Participation is the key to success.  Both of you will make some small, and some large, changes in how you treat each other, and yourselves, within your relationship and your life overall.  You will both be encouraged to work on your relationship outside of the counseling office – to successfully reach the goals that you set.
    • We will help connect you with other resources as necessary.


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