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Individual Counseling

We help individuals achieve greater life satisfaction through a review of choices made, challenges survived, strengths developed and paths to choose.

Here is an overview of what we'll do in counseling: 

  • You will describe your history – your immediate and extended family, any significant or traumatic events, and general development.
  • You will describe your current situation and what goals and dreams you have.
  • We will examine how the choices you have made, and are making, are impacting all aspects of your life -- social, family, work, spiritual and self.
  • We will set realistic goals for you to move toward what you want your life to be.
  • Particiption is the key to success.  You will make some small, and some large, changes in how you function relative to the life tasks.  You will be encouraged to work on your goals outside of the counseling office – to successfully reach the goals that you set.
  • We may utilize a vareity of stress reduction techniques, including EMDR or hypnosis, to enhance the flow of communication in the session.
  • We will help connect you with other resources as necessary.
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